Editorial SErvices

There are baby and giant steps on the road to publication. One of the giant steps is the editing process, which ideally involves several stages. Depending on your project's goals and considering your financial and time constraints, we offer a range of services. These can be customized to all stories whether long or short.

We understand that every writer and every project is unique. We are happy to address and/or consider any specific questions or requests about the editing process. If you are interested in discussing your project, please get in touch with us here.


Manuscript Evaluation

During the manuscript evaluation, we will:

  • read through and assess your work.
  •  pay careful attention to detail and provide a written critique highlighting the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • provide our opinion on what we believe should be the next step in your publication process.

Big Picture Edit

The big picture edit:

  • includes a complex mix and analysis of your whole story
  • usually is broken into three areas of focus including developmental, structural, and substantive analysis.

Developmental – As we edit with an eye on the development of your story, we will provide analysis regarding the plot line, character development, themes, and individual chapter hooks. These suggestions are meant to help organize, sharpen and tighten.

Structural – This focus considers logical flow and development of the plot line. We will also analyze pacing of the story. 

Substantive – Examining how themes and sub-themes develop tightens the work. Considering the intended audience, we assess how strong the themes shine through and whether we believe the reader will connect with and relate to story line and characters.


Stylistic Edit

To strengthen the story and cut out chaff, we put our editing pens to heavy work moving sentences and making word changes all while aiming to preserve your voice and the story as you have written it.


Copy Edit

As a quality control read-through, this edit strives to correct grammatical, spelling, and usage errors as well as seeking continuity in verb usage. This level assumes there will be no additional major changes in the book.




Think of this as the most detailed, last-chance edit. We will work with an assumption that there will not be any additional changes made after this read-through.