Compassion Child Sponsorship - Does it help or hurt? Part 4

After writing to my Compassion-sponsored children around November 10, 2017, I browsed the super-accessible Compassion International website.

Compassion screen.jpg

Was it really three years ago that we’d visited my daughter in this oh, so rich, oh, so poor land? I’d continued praying for Juana and Wilmer, gleaning a bit more about their personality with every letter. Both children must enjoy drawing, as they filled their pages with renditions of mountains, animals, their family, and, from Wilmer, a kid playing soccer. Juana wants to learn more about sports; Wilmer wants to learn more about God. Juana’s chores include carrying water, washing clothes, and running errands. Wilmer has a dog named Tomy, and a turtle que “no tiene nombre” (doesn’t have a name).

From time to time, I’d open the folder I keep on each child and study their pictures. God’s Word clearly teaches that my prayers for these beautiful children touch the heart of God, but did my small monthly contribution really impact Juana’s and Wilmer’s lives? If I visited them in Guatemala, perhaps I could share my love for them, my desire to hear firsthand what challenges and joys they face in this country classified by our State Department as Level 3, Reconsider Travel

One “Can I do this?” talk with my husband and several emails later, I’d registered for a 2/15-18/2018 “Compassion Experience.” In no time at all, a Trip Welcome Box arrived, sharing: 1) what to pack 2) specific cultural and travel tips 3) how to journal, before, during and afterward 4) detailed flight and trip itinerary, including names and locales of my fellow travelers

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