Easter Consolation

My book guiding me through Lent and Easter tells me today begins the Place of Consolation. I love this while considering consolation defined as "a person or thing providing comfort to a person who has suffered."

After yesterday's high and joyful celebration of Christ's resurrection, today begins a recovery and comfort in the day-to-day life that's been renewed yet scarred after going with Jesus through the suffering of the cross.


Today begins the loads and loads of laundry that somehow exponentially accumulate when the kids are on a school break. The restoration of life into it's structure and daily chores.

It also means looking out yet still on snow and snow and more snow. Have we endured enough of the cold and snow? 

There's fresh and white covering the world and perhaps this is the representation I most need to see today that the world is fresh and white. Yes in the Easter lilies and yes in the old-school declaration that I can now wear white shoes, and yes even the white in the inches of snow.

But more.

There's white in the renewal and resurrection and the washing clean of all that's ugly inside of me. The jealous, self-focused, judgmental black is washed. The work of Jesus on the cross created clean and beautiful and pure.

Yes, there's another load of laundry. There's the clutter of plastic eggs littered across the counter, and a list of backed up chores from the break away. But there is hope in the knowing that though there has been suffering, there is now comfort and restoration. 

A future of white and dazzling and perfect.