Stories From the Jesus House Available Now!

In 1987, God rescued Bonnie Kae Lentz and her husband Tom from a house inhabited by witches and saved them from lives spiraling out of control. On fire for Jesus, they followed God into a journey focused on simple acts of obedience, like when they painted JESUS on a bedsheet and hung it from their front porch. 

Who Knew

that gesture would draw in people from all economic and social strata and jump-start a ministry destined to transform West Bloomington.

Who Knew

broken people like the Lentzes would join hands and hearts and eventually move into a historic building at 724 West Washington Street?

Who Knew

endless cups of coffee, passionate guitar strains, and stories stranger than fiction would be poured out in equal measure at that cozy but ramshackle place?

Who Knew

Jesus would use a resurrected iguana, cross-dressing prodigals, and those with faith the size of a mustard seed to demonstrate His power?

Who Knew?

Jesus, the One who heals scars and tattoos, knew.

Stories From the Jesus House, "the rest of" Bonnie's story, will show you an up-close picture of God's love and the weary souls He calls into His family. Allow this book to challenge you to examine your own faith walk while inspiring you to take hope in what God can do.

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