Here's to February!

Last week, my family ventured north to an indoor water resort for a few days of pretending it’s not still the middle of winter. We splashed, caught some waves, and froze our hair into icy points while sitting in the outdoor hot tubs. I did just enough of these activities to earn “fun mom” status.

I also attempted some of the dry “fun” on my quest for gaining more points as a fun mom. The most memorable activity for me became the indoor high ropes course.

My family has visited this resort for a number of years, so I’ve walked by people conquering these rope challenges dozens of times. They always made it look so darn easy! Especially the little five-year-olds who zip along without a pause as they walk from one station to the next.

Standing in line to start the adventure, I began, for the first time, to think about what I was getting ready to do. “Hmm…I’m actually going to be walking on a skinny rope high above a busy arcade AND I am the least coordinated person I know!” Of course by then, I couldn’t let any of my kids see me nervous! After-all, I had just convinced them they could do it! Argh!

And so…I put on my bravest face and determined I would just get out there a ways, stand on a platform and watch my family have fun. The teenage workers strapped us into our safety harnesses and we were given freedom to go explore!

I don’t know how I took my first steps above the skee-ball game and air hockey table, but somehow one step led to another and I made it across. My plan to just get out there and then watch worked for all of the first challenge, until the kids wanted me to stick with them and keep going. Seriously? I needed to not only walk around on the ropes myself, but help my sweeties stay safe too. Sress.

Somehow, I found myself balancing on ropes and walking through obstacles that really did feel way harder than they ever looked when I watched from solid ground.

After I had wandered enough and my dear husband saw the terrified look on my face, he released me by saying I was a fun mom. I did it! I had earned further proof of being cool. He told me I was super fun and I would not lose my status, even if I headed back early.

Amelie on high ropes.jpg


I was so happy after I balanced across the final rope and landed on carpet. I accomplished my goal of proving to my kids the importance of being brave (and that I AM crazy fun!).

My more valuable take-away was that in fact doing something hard is actually way more difficult than super-talented people make it look.

This is the very thing I keep reminding myself of in respect to our book, Stories From the Jesus House.

This book…the one that was supposed to be published at the beginning of last year, the one I promised would be done in the fall, and then absolutely done in January, and NOW likely in February.

Getting a book ready for publication is a million times harder than I imagined. What’s taking so long I have asked myself over and over? Are we just too picky, needing every phrase to be exactly perfect? Are we spending too much time wordsmything because of a subconscious fear of just calling it done?

Perhaps the delay could slightly be related to two perfectionist writers. But there is a lot related to wanting to get it right!

There have been a couple of “larger errors,” such as paragraphs not indented or using the word “respectful” rather than “respectable,” but Patti and I keep coming back to the agreement that we want the final product to be the absolute best we can make it.

Crafting these stories of life on the West Side of Bloomington has become something we take seriously. Not only is it our prayer that the book will be a delight to read, but most of all we desire it to be honoring to God. Our deepest desire, and the point of all this editing and changing, is to tell the God stories of ways He has worked in people’s lives here in our town.

He has worked here in the lives of others and He can (and does) work in the lives of you and me too.

So…here’s to trying hard things and ultimately finding success.

AND… Here’s to February!