The Scope of Transformation

The Scope of Transformation

Many years ago, an acquaintance friend offered to go running with me. It didn’t take long for him to realize he got less than he bargained for. After running down just a couple of blocks, he asked how it was possible for me to be running so slow.


I admit to being a slow runner, but even in my slowness, I persevere. Years ago, I made a choice to move from a runner who gets out of breath after a couple miles to one who finishes marathons. I downloaded Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 marathon training program and stuck to it. At the end of the eighteen week program, it actually happened. I had transformed into the runner he promised I would become.

Not only did I have the black toenails and chafed skin, but I came to the point of being excited to “only” have four miles to run during the taper week. My running life had been transformed.

Despite my general avoidance and dislike of change, I have learned to love and embrace transformation. Even though transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change (obviously increasing the scary factor), the end result is most often dramatically for the better.

Caterpillars transform from crawling creepers to beautiful butterflies. Eggs, flour, chocolate, and butter can be combined, baked, and transformed to emerge from the oven as a delicious cake. Toddlers undergo training and patience to enter the world as potty-trained children.

When choosing a name for our writing and editing business, Patti and I fell in love with the theme of transformation. We’ve written about lives being transformed from lost and broken to full and reconciled. These are our favorite stories to tell.

Through our editing, we’ve worked with writers to take words and stories from great ideas to written products conveying messages they delight to share.

In this blog space, we look forward to exploring transformation in many forms. We hope to share transformation we’ve found in everyday moments through ordinary things like books and recipes as well as the transformation we’ve experienced in the bigger scope of life.

Thank you for following along. We look forward to sharing the experiences of transformation through this blog.